Water and Sanitation

Water situation in the Horn of Africa

Access to Clean and adequately sanitized water is of vital importance to life and health. Water is the prerequisite to all life and everyone should have the right to clean and accessible water. The risk of water-based diseases in Somalia is staggeringly high. Nowhere more so than in Somalia, where the risk of water-based diseases is high and internal and external influences (such as the high price of food and water) have already reduced the ability of communities to sustain their livelihoods. In addition, insufficient water sources expose the Somali population to potential conflict over access to limited supplies.

Somalia is an extremely water scarce country. Access to safe and permanent water supplies and sanitation facilities is a significant problem, aggravated by the destruction and looting of the water supply infrastructure during the civil war, the ongoing conflict and cyclical droughts and flooding. Currently, it is estimated that only 29 per cent of Somalis have access to clean drinking water and 37 per cent to sanitary means of excreta disposal. Such low social indicators are underlying causes of malnutrition, which has shown to impact a child`s ability to learn and develop. In Central and South Somalia in particular, malnutrition rates have been above emergency threshold levels for years and most recently, children in the northeast and northwest of the country are experiencing a similar deterioration in nutrition levels. Of additional concern is the impact of poor coverage of water and sanitation services coupled with poor hygiene practices. This has resulted in high rates of water-related disease such as diarrhoea (including cholera) which accounts for about 20% of the country`s under five mortality.

Sahan relief`s water project

Sahan Relief  is working on the ground to reverse these startling statistics and ensure that Somali people, particularly children and women, have access to clean water and adequate sanitation.
Sahan Relief is implementing two water well projects at Jimbac and Niriq valley along the main road to Bosaso city. This project will benefit local communities with rehabilitated water infrastructure and access to clean water.