Sofia Orphonage Centre

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Sofia Orphanage Centre will be to provide a safe environment that encompasses love, care and nurture. The Centre will provide opportunities to orphans and abandoned children that encourage healing and learning by giving them the utmost advantages available. To be able to grow in a stable environment will empower these children to become active members of society and leaders of the next generations.

Current Plans:

To build a housing project for orphans and disadvantaged children with the capacity and accommodation to house at least 80 children between the ages of 4-12 years. The Centre will provide care to orphans, homeless children and those in need of institutionalized care. It will be a place that enables children to progress both in body and mind through a wide range of programs aimed to benefit them.

Our Goals:

  • Provide protection, support and care to the vulnerable population of children
  • Encourage social development through access to healthcare and education
  • Create and operate income-generating project that will sustain the organization

Our Objections:

  • Develop opportunities for the orphans and vulnerable children by facilitating access to primary and secondary education
  • To empower the community in order to meet socioeconomic needs of the orphans
  • To create opportunities for the orphans in their future through vocational training and activities that generate income
  • Generate links between community institutions that will aide access to healthcare, education and job training
  • Develop advocacy groups that will encourage the recognition and support of the orphans’ rights in that area.

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