Sahan Relief has been supporting hospitals in the Sanaag region of Somalia. In partnership with the UNDP and the local communities, Sahan Relief conducted a needs assessment project led by Dr. Abdullahi Gas, a physician and international health consultant. Dr. Gas travelled across both Puntland and Somaliland regions and met with various groups that work in the health sectors in these regions.

Medical Equipment and medicine
Due to the severe and appalling health conditions in Somalia, Sahan Relief is in the process of sending 40′ medical equipments and medicine to Somalia.

DENAN HOSPITAL:Sahan Relief in partnership with The Denan Project supports the Denan hospital, in Denan, Ethiopia. The Denan Project runs a 29-room hospital, fully staffed with an exceptionally dedicated team of more than 35 people to run the hospital and its related operations, including a pharmacy, ultrasound equipment, and a laboratory capable of carrying out a battery of sophisticated tests.