Sahan Relief beliefs in the goal of “education for all” and therefore is implementing education projects in Somalia.

School Construction

Sahan Relief in partnership with Human Concern International and the Somali Hope Academy Foundation is implementing the construction of an elementary school in Bursalah, Mudug, Somalia:

Project Description 

The elementary school will provide all children in Bur salah an equal opportunity to learn without being discriminated based on their tribe or financial background. This school will provide a quality and well- rounded education for elementary and middle school students in the English language. The design is intended to arrange the campus to be open, welcoming and non threatening place, which is open to the whole community to use.
This phase of the project focuses on the construction of the school infrastructure.

Project Goals and Objectives

The objectives of phase one is as following:
• Building 12 classroom campus with ancillary accommodation.
• Building a school infrastructure that facilitates at least 200 children in capacity.

By addressing these 2 main objectives we will put 200 children in to school with free tuition as well as address the illiteracy rate in the local region in the long run.
The expected date of the completion of the project is December, 2011.
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